is here to provide the international Huntington's disease community with direct links to
our amazing JHD/HD researchers, foundations and clinics, so that private donations may be facilitated.  
We have recently added surveys and clinical trial information.

Here you can learn more about, and participate in, clinical trials or studies in your area. Help4HD radio show
links are also available so that you may listen to specific shows regarding current clinical research trials,
and get to know our amazing researchers.

Researchers work from grants, philanthropic and private donations. Many times, research money dries up
and their research ends in the valley of death (VOD), where promising research dies due to lack of funding.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may mandate additional preliminary testing before they will allow a
clinical trial to begin, which usually falls outside a specified grant allocation. Private donations will make a
huge difference to bridge the gap and pay for these additional mandates. Without private funding, many trials
and studies will not take place.  We need to eradicate HD!

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